Californian’s Hope to Pass Bill Allowing Synthetic Turf Install in Residential Lawns

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California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez’s Assembly Bill 349, a bill that will allow homeowners governed by homeowners associations (HOA’s) the freedom to install synthetic turf on their lawns without fear of fines, will pass across the California Governor’s desk. Previously many HOA’s strictly forbade the installation of synthetic turf or severely limited the amount residents could install in their lawns. That and a fear of hefty fines kept many residents from installing turf on their lawns. However hopefully soon it will be a non-issue, not to mention California is currently offering rebates on the purchase of synthetic turf in order to limit or decrease water usage in this 2 plus year drought that California is suffering from.

Image Credit California State Assembly File

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Silverback™ Pure Strength

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Silverback™ Pure Strength

Our trademarked Silverback™ is our own unique recipe for our specialty Polyurethane backing system.

The Silverback™ coating saturates the primary backing of the synthetic turf and effectively locks the fiber tufts in place. While most polyurethane backings are a simple coating over the primary backing, Silverback™ actually penetrates into the base, surrounding every stitch and interlocking the fibers into the primary backing. This process leaves you with a superior base well above the industry standard.

STI Featured Application: Primrose School by PLAYRITE of Knoxville, Tennessee.

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STI Featured Application: Primrose School by PLAYRITE of Knoxville, Tennessee.

This week’s featured application comes to us from STI Dealer PLAYRITE of Knoxville, Tennessee. PLAYRITE has served as the premier sports and recreation construction company in Tennessee since 1994. They are a fully licensed general contractor with years of experience with a dedication to doing the job right the first time.


The featured application was a playground for the Primrose School of Beavercreek, Ohio with the installation of Synthetic Turf International’s SoftLawn Emerald Rye ®. Since the product was for a school playground it was imperative that the project be handled with the utmost care and have the highest quality turf which is the main reason Primrose school chose PLAYRITE to handle this project.

Playrite Image 5Playrite Image 2

It took the team at PLAYRITE almost a week of nonstop work to get this project done correctly and within the necessary timeframe. While a shortened, high pressure time frame is not ideal and certainly imposes added stress on the installers you cannot deny the amazing results of all of that hard work.

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Pesticides and How They Affect You

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Have you ever wondered how much those expensive chemicals and pesticides are helping or hindering you and your family? Year after year you trek to the store and purchase chemicals and pesticides that are supposed to help your lawn grow, kill weeds and eradicate the insects that invade your lawn and home. However are they doing more harm than good?

The majority of the population is vulnerable to the use of pesticides, including but not limited to pregnant women, infants, children, elderly, chronically ill, pets and wildlife. An estimated 78 million households in the United States use home and garden chemicals. What this means is that we are slowly poisoning ourselves and our loved ones that we are supposed to protect.

Ava @ Peter Farrellys 014


To make matters worse, children take in more pesticides than adults. Children are undoubtedly closer to the ground than we are and have still developing organs making them more vulnerable than the rest of the population. Infants and children are less likely/able to filter out the toxins than an adult resulting in children having worse responses to the chemicals and pesticides. If you treat your yard every year then you are just introducing more chemicals to your children every year and the chemicals only get stronger.

Studies have even shown an increase in side effects of pesticide use, such as miscarriages, immune system weakening, hyperactivity, behavioral disorders and motor dysfunction to name a few. Some studies have even suggested that pesticides can pass from mother to her child via umbilical cord while still in the womb and breast milk after birth.

Another important issue to remember is the affect pesticides have on our pets and wildlife. According to a Beyond Pesticides fact sheet, “Studies find that dogs exposed to herbicide-treated lawns and gardens can double their chance of developing canine lymphoma and may increase the risk of bladder cancer in certain breeds by four to seven times.”

Pesticide poisonings to pets or the environment may result from acute or chronic exposure. Furthermore, pesticides can impact pets and the environment through secondary exposure or through unforeseen effects to the animal or its habitat.

In the long run pesticides can and will do more damage than the insects and weeds that we are attempting to fight against. Protect your family and your home, call an STI dealer today and rid your life of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

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STI Featured Application: Peter Albanes of Synthetic Grass – Greens of Greater Maryland Area

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This weeks STI Featured Application comes to us from Peter Albanes of Synthetic Grass – Greens of Greater Maryland Area. Albanes installed STI SoftLawn® Pro Cut for American and World Champion Para-athletes Brad Snyder and Lizzie (Elizabeth) Smith.


Our SoftLawn® Pro Cut was originally designed specifically for pet facilities and nylon putting green fringes/collars, the short dense construction offers unique features for durability and ease of use for a variety of applications. While this product was created with two specific applications in mind, this short fresh cut appearance offers versatility for other scenarios such as pool areas, lawns, landscaping, paver sections, play areas and various other uses.

Unfortunately Brad and Lizzi’s backyard was a collection of concrete tiles with overgrown vines and an abundance of weeds. The area was such an overgrown mess that Albanes and his team had difficulties making suggestions even with Brad and Lizzi’s simple requests.

  • Brad was hoping to create an area out back where he and the other roommates could cross-train yet also relax.
  • Lizzi just wanted to create a clean and neat profile in their backyard in downtown Baltimore, MD that was also free from upkeep.

One major constraint on the project was that there is no backyard entrance, meaning everything going in or coming out had to go through the front door!

Affordability was an important factor in this project that made STI and Albanes stand out from other vendors and companies. Albanes stated, “Moving forward we had confidence with our turf- STI (*Synthetic Turf International) and relying on UltraBaseSystems- Champion panels!” The ultimate goal was to provide a long-term solution to apply under the turf. After a few minor structural modifications, the panels went down easily giving these elite athletes a usable and safe space in their backyard.

Brad and Lizzi will travel after the 4th of July to the IPC Swimming World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland from July 13-19.  Here is a link to the website for more information:


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STI Featured Application: Pioneer Synthetic Turf

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This week’s featured application comes to us from Keith Thykeson with Pioneer Synthetic Turf in Southern California. As we all know California has been suffering from a steadily worsening drought for the last few years. Synthetic turf provided by STI and its network of trusted dealers is the perfect solution for those suffering from the drought.
The large putting green features an STI Bent Grass putting surface with a SoftLawn® Kennel Cut fringe and a SoftLawn® Bluegrass Blend Rough. Our STI Bent Grass is an entry level putting surface that includes a multi-colored yarn that gives you the most authentic look possible. STI Bent Grass is designed to give the golfer a Stimp speed of 10 feet, perfect for putting and receiving chip shots from up to 30 yards when infilled with two pounds of sand. Bent Grass can also be used for bocce, croquet, tennis and cricket.


The fringe is our SoftLawn® Kennel Cut which is an excellent product for commercial and residential pet facilities, with a thatch layer for added body, reducing the amount of infill needed and making it perfect for fringes. The rough is our SoftLawn® Bluegrass Blend, contains a thatch layer for added body, reducing the amount of infill needed. The four color blend of this product provides an authentic look and feel that truly resembles a natural lawn, allowing the green to transition perfectly.

The STI Bent Grass is more receptive to the longer chip shots when hitting from the EZTee® Poly tee box/chipping station.

The smaller putting green features our premier NP50 putting surface with a SoftLawn® Kennel Cut fringe. The NP50 surface offers better putting practice for the homeowners and features the best texturized nylon putting surface available in the industry. There is no comparison to the natural ball roll and realistic speeds.

STI Helps Keep the Course in Shape for the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay

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STI Offers a Few of the Secrets to How the Course Was Kept in Shape for the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay

Chambers Bay 52

The brand new EZTee® Hybrid Plus tee line system, installed at Chambers Bay in January.

When the 115th U.S. Open at Chambers Bay kicks off Thursday, competitors in University Place, Washington will be playing on some unique fairways and greens.  The course is made entirely of Fescue grass, which is a type of grass not seen on putting greens at the U.S. Open before.  It will play harder and faster than traditional fairways in the U.S.  The greens are rumored be be sitting around 12 on the Stimpmeter.  The fairways are rolling at an eight.

The folks at Chambers Bay wanted to protect the course over the winter months from heavy play and usage that could potentially damage the course.  So they employed a few tricks to keep the fairways and greens looking nice and green.

First, they installed a brand new  EZTee® Hybrid Tee Line System (above).  This allowed the players who wanted to get a first hand glimpse of the course before the tournament to have a place to warm up and practice without damaging the natural practice tee area.

Drop Zone

One of the 12 drop zone mats STI provided for Chambers Bay to help protect fairways in anticipation of the 115th U.S. Open.

Next the contacted Synthetic Turf International for some help in their fairways.  Many of the fairways made use of these Drop Zone Mats (pictured below).  The mats were used for players who hit their balls into select fairways.  They would pick up their ball and place it on these mats to hit their approach shots into the greens on 12 holes.

Chambers Bay also used another strategy to keep the high number of players from damaging their greens on the Par 3 15th.  The greens crew assigned an attendant to the green.  Players who hit their ball onto the green were given an automatic two putt par.  Players who hit their ball within 10 feet were given a one putt birdie.  The attendant would retrieve balls hit onto the green so that there was minimal foot traffic on the green.

Chambers Bay 15

The iconic tree, the only one on the course at Chambers Bay, looks over the Par 3 15th green. This ball might not have made it onto the putting surface.

This should be a memorable year for the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay.  The tournament is seldom played on a links style course, and never on one quite like this.

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STI becomes a Golf Paradise on DIY Lake Life!

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Tuesday May 26th the show Lake Life on the DIY Network will feature Synthetic turf Internationals NP55 and SoftLawn® Bluegrass Blend turf on their Golf Paradise episode. Believe it or not, the show will feature a motorized putting green that can only be described as a fishing and golf paradise. The green was affixed onto a motorized boat that includes a fold out bar and enough room to stretch out and shoot a bow.

The Herman Brothers Lake and Land Management of Peoria created this golf island paradise for a Yates city couple that share a love of golf and water. We are sure they will be the envy of fishermen and golfers alike with their new mobile STI green.


STI Featured Application: Vida Fitness Penthouse Pool and Lounge

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STI Greater Maryland Vida Fitness Penthouse Pool and Lounge in Washington, D.C. 



This week’s featured application comes to us from STI Dealer Peter Albanes of Albanes Landscaping/ STI Greater Maryland. The project was for Vida Fitness Penthouse Pool and Lounge of Washington, D.C. Peter and his crew recently installed Synthetic Turf International’s SoftLawn® Select on the rooftop of the Vida Fitness center. The turf is featured around the pool, lounge chairs and beds giving the area a unique look and feel.

IMG_0871 IMG_0867
Being that the area is a rooftop natural grass would have been next to impossible to grow and the maintenance with the pool would have been a nightmare. Now the center has the look and feel of natural grass without the maintenance.

Synthetic Turf International’s SoftLawn® Select was installed over UBS Panels and a pedestal system to raise the entire application about a foot off the surface of the roof top.

Cabana beds

It is worth mentioning that this was not an easy task at all. The installers did have to remove all cabana beds and actually work around them to cut, seam and install the turf on this rooftop/penthouse application. They also had to physically carry the rolls up several flights of stairs to get them to the roof. Knowing the amount of work that went into this project makes it all the more impressive.

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Masters for 2015: How to Replicate the Speed of the Greens at Augusta National Recap

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Getting an accurate speed for the greens at Augusta National is next to impossible, but how hard is it to replicate?

Augusta National HD Wallpaper

The famed Amen Corner at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

It’s been rated as the number one course in the country, and its fairways, greens, bunkers and water hazards have been seen by more eyes than any other course in the world.  Yet, the track in Augusta, Georgia known as Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most exclusive and closely guarded golf courses in the world.

And while it may not be the most exclusive golf course in the world (we’re not saying it isn’t), it certainly has the perceived reputation as being one of the toughest.

The fact is no one really knows for sure just how tough it is.  This is because the club has forbidden Augusta to be officially rated by the United States Golf Association.

But in 1991, a team of experts descended upon the hallowed grounds to do just that.  Led by the late Ross Goodner and the inventor of the course ratings system, Dean Knuth, the group set out to provide those of us who would never set foot between the ropes of Augusta a rating for the course.

Course ratings tell how difficult a course is to a scratch golfer, or a golfer with a handicap of zero.  Next to that rating is the slope rating, which tells how difficult the course is for a bogey golfer (handicap of 18) in relation to the course rating.

In 1991, Goodner and company rated Augusta National at 76.2, which basically meant that a scratch golfer could expect to shoot around 76.   At the time this would have made Augusta National one of the ten toughest courses in the United States.

Then in 2010, Knuth set out to re-rate Augusta, and he is very good at what he does.

He walked the course over the three practice rounds to establish that the course rating had increased to 78.1, still one of the ten toughest in the United States.  This is due, in no small part, to the course being lengthened by more than 500 yards since 1991.

But Knuth also provided an educated guess at the stimp speed of the greens.  Stimp speed measures how far a ball will roll when gravity pulls it down a ramp angled at about 20 degrees.  He arrived at 12 feet, basing this on counting the number of paces players were walking on the greens during those practice rounds.

The greens at Augusta have the reputation for being some of the fastest in the world.

One of the primary reasons for this dates back to 1980, when the greens at Augusta National changed from Bermudagrass to Bentgrass because officials there felt it would produce a more consistent option for tremendous green speed year round.

Now, several things make getting a stimp speed at Augusta impossible.  First, stimp meters aren’t allowed through the gates, making any stimp speed an educated guess at best.  Second, and probably more important, it is widely believed that there isn’t a long enough stretch of Augusta green that is perfectly flat.

One professional jokingly recommended rolling the ball uphill to try and get an accurate stimp speed.  Augusta officials don’t want this information to get out to the general public, and thus, they don’t gather the information for themselves.

So, since most people will never get the chance to play at Augusta, how will they ever know how fast the greens roll, and how ticklish every short putt can be?

Synthetic Turf International manufactures and sells the most realistic synthetic putting surfaces on the market today.  STI can provide a green that rolls true at a speed of 10.5 feet.

A putting green infilled with ceramic sand can roll true at speeds up to 14 feet.

Augusta 12g

STI installation experts created a miniature version of the famed 12th green at Augusta.

Our network of over 100 dealers can install a putting green that will meet your budget and exceed your expectations every time.

We can’t recreate the natural greens at Augusta National, but we can provide the closest synthetic putting surface to replicate greens like those found at Amen Corner, with stimp speeds, undulations and breaks as close to the real thing as possible.

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