Pro Vet Logic Offers Three Products That Have Made the EPA’s “N” List of Approved products for Fighting Coronavirus

Public places have been working to disinfect tables, seats and equipment after each use.    Finding approved cleaning products for fighting Coronavirus is proving to be difficult as consumers are hoarding products of all kinds.

For the last few years, Synthetic Turf International (STI) has been a source for Pro Vet Logic.  We have marketed the product as a cleaner for synthetic turf pet applications.  The product has great odor and bacterial eliminating qualities, and it smells great.

Just this week, three Pro Vet Logic offerings were added to the Enviromental Protection Agency’s N-List of approved products for fighting Coronavirus.  The official announcement can be found below.

“ProVetLogic V01 Animal Facility Disinfectant (10324-105), V03 Animal Care Spray & Wipe (1839-83) and V20 ProGienics Carpet Deodorizer & Hard Surface Disinfectant (10324-93) are listed on EPA’s List “N”. Therefore, these products can be used against 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) when used in accordance with the directions for use against Hepatitis A virus on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Refer to the EPA website for additional information.”

The products can be found on the pages listed below.
10324-105 Page One
10324-93 Page Two
1839-83 Page Four

Pro Vet Logic is available through STI dealers across North America.  It is shipped in 4 packs of one gallon  pails, five gallon pails and 55 gallon barrels.  The product does is a great deodorizer and disinfectant for synthetic turf, and now it is a great product for fighting the Coronavirus.

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This post was originally published here by Synthetic Turf International.