Project Description

Tampa Bay Buccaneers needed a walk-thru area to get out of the heat when practicing and reviewing plays so they decided on a tent with Synthetic Turf International’s best products – Performance Choice in Field with Pine thatch

70 yards long by 50 yards wide = 34,650 sf

Performance Choice is a great option for you indoor training facility. Performance Choice offers consistent performance after the repeated usage developing athletes require, but with a higher yarn weight for increased durability. The 5 MM foam padding provides cushion and comfort during training sessions. Performance Choice also provides versatility and portability with the optional Velcro system that allows you to convert your training facility to meet your daily needs, no matter how they may change.

Project Details

Kingfisher Development, LLC
Tampa , Florida 33679

This is the largest installation to date that Fritz and his team have done yet, not to mention it was an install for a high profile NFL team.

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