This weeks STI Featured Application comes to us from Peter Albanes of Synthetic Grass – Greens of Greater Maryland Area. Albanes installed STI SoftLawn® Pro Cut for American and World Champion Para-athletes Brad Snyder and Lizzie (Elizabeth) Smith.


Our SoftLawn® Pro Cut was originally designed specifically for pet facilities and nylon putting green fringes/collars, the short dense construction offers unique features for durability and ease of use for a variety of applications. While this product was created with two specific applications in mind, this short fresh cut appearance offers versatility for other scenarios such as pool areas, lawns, landscaping, paver sections, play areas and various other uses.

Unfortunately Brad and Lizzi’s backyard was a collection of concrete tiles with overgrown vines and an abundance of weeds. The area was such an overgrown mess that Albanes and his team had difficulties making suggestions even with Brad and Lizzi’s simple requests.

  • Brad was hoping to create an area out back where he and the other roommates could cross-train yet also relax.
  • Lizzi just wanted to create a clean and neat profile in their backyard in downtown Baltimore, MD that was also free from upkeep.

One major constraint on the project was that there is no backyard entrance, meaning everything going in or coming out had to go through the front door!

Affordability was an important factor in this project that made STI and Albanes stand out from other vendors and companies. Albanes stated, “Moving forward we had confidence with our turf- STI (*Synthetic Turf International) and relying on UltraBaseSystems- Champion panels!” The ultimate goal was to provide a long-term solution to apply under the turf. After a few minor structural modifications, the panels went down easily giving these elite athletes a usable and safe space in their backyard.

Brad and Lizzi will travel after the 4th of July to the IPC Swimming World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland from July 13-19.  Here is a link to the website for more information:


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