Synthetic Turf Installation Before and After

This install by Synthetic Turf Innovations Arvo Pikkaranien (Columbus, Ohio), really shines with our SoftLawn® product in Fescue and shows the depth of the transformation.

We can show you beautiful synthetic turf installations all day, every day but it doesn’t tell you anything unless it is accompanied by a before image.

The owners were having a tough time getting grass to grow and fill in fully when it did grow. Their lawn looked patchy and uneven making their entire yard look dreary. Sometimes grass just doesn’t want to grow or it takes hours of care and maintenance that can be extremely costly. With synthetic turf you eliminate the need for mowing, watering and regular lawn maintenance. As you can see, the homeowners went from a drab and dreary lawn to a beautiful usable space! They no longer have to worry about tracking in mud or grass clippings in from their yard.

So if you want a lawn free of mud and easy to maintain, then consider Synthetic Turf International for your lawn. We would love to help you Experience a Greener World today!

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