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Green, lush lawn in Maryland.


Almost everyone would like to have a naturally green, lush lawn, but a lot of work goes into keeping perfect.

If you have a natural grass lawn, you know what goes into making and keeping it perfect.  Aside from the mowing, seeding and feeding, you have to stay one step ahead of weeds.  Weeds can turn a lush, green lawn into a brown, disgusting mess in relatively no time.

The Risk Associated with Pesticides

Pesticides can be harmful to pets and children playing on natural grass.  They can cause children and pets to get sick, and they limit the time you have on your lawn.

One of the most common residential products used to get rid of weeds is Glyphosate, more commonly known as Roundup.  There are no conclusive studies to link Glyphosate to cancer directly.  But, that hasn’t kept products containing it from landing on the California Protection Agency’s list of chemicals that cause cancer.

Last year, a California jury found Monsanto liable in a lawsuit filed by a former school groundskeeper that the company’s weedkiller product, Roundup, caused his cancer.  Monsanto was ordered to pay tens of millions in that case, and there are close to 5,000 more lawsuits across the United States on the horizon.

To be fair, in a study of more than 50,000 farmers, published in the Journal of National Cancer Institute, Laura Beene Freeman concluded that glyphosate did not appear to create an increased risk to any cancer.  But why assume that risk?

The Synthetic Turf Solution

One of the great benefits of synthetic turf is that it is virtually maintenance free.  Once installed, your lawn won’t need to be cut, you won’t need to water your lawn to keep it’s green appearance.  Best of all, you won’t need to use harmful pesticides to rid your lawn of those pesky weeds.  You children and pets will have a consistent landscape for playing that’s clean and green.

STI offers a variety of options for landscape turf applications, from products geared specifically for pets to playground products to lawn and landscape products.

Visit our application page for more information, browse our gallery for ideas and contact STI to Experience A Greener World.

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