Pelican Hill Synthetic Turf International EZTee Synthetic Driving Range Tee Line

Pelican Hill Golf Club – Newport Coast, California – EZTee Tee Line – Synthetic Driving Range

While the cooler weather is moving in and many of the avid golfers are attempting to squeeze out as many rounds as they can, many of the golf courses are happy to know that they have their EZTee® synthetic tee line from Synthetic Turf International.  As we all know, our natural grass is not able to recover as easily from the constant abuse  of golfers tweaking their game and working in rounds as much as possible before the winter weather.  That is why synthetic tee lines have become a mainstay at many golf courses around the world.  The EZTee® tee lines offer the ability to keep your driving ranges open while your natural grass is closed for the winter months, while maintenance is being performed, or while your grass is simply trying to heal from the heavy use during a tournament or normal rounds of golf.

Synthetic Turf International EZTee Synthetic Driving Range Tee LineEZTee® offers a number of wonderful benefits that make it the ideal option for any synthetic driving range.  The ability to hold a real tee is one that is extremely crucial to any tee line, natural or synthetic, and EZTee® tee line surfaces, Poly and Hybrid, will both hold a tee throughout the life of the product.  The density, thickness, and height of the EZTee® sets it apart from any other product by providing a divot feel with no club bounce and a true natural swing.  It is used by PGA professionals, teachers, tour players, and numerous top rated facilities.  The EZTee® product allows you to improve your golf game, it allows for play and practice year round, it saves your grass and your money, and it is available in mats and full tee lines.

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