Synthetic Turf International STC Conference Whistle Stop Seminar PresentationThe 2013 Fall Membership Meeting and Whistle Stop Seminar marked an extraordinary milestone for all of those involved with the Synthetic Turf Council.  This special occasion corresponded with the Synthetic Turf Council’s 10th anniversary, and Synthetic Turf International was happy to be a part of the celebration and many years of accomplishments achieved by the Synthetic Turf Council and member companies over the ten year span.

Synthetic Turf International STC Conference Whistle Stop Seminar Presenter Dakota Harp

Synthetic Turf International’s general manager, Dakota Harp, was asked to be a speaker and panelist for the landscape focused Whistle Stop Seminar at the 2013 Fall Whistle Stop Seminar.  On behalf of Synthetic Turf International and the Synthetic Turf Council, Dakota Harp presented numerous reasons for the use of synthetic turf in various applications to an audience of industry professionals including landscape architects, decision makers within the parks and recreation segment, HOA’s (Home Owners Associations), POA’s (Property Owners Associations), municipalities, Florida Friendly, hotels, theme parks, hospitals, nursing home facilities, and many more.  Throughout the presentation applications for synthetic turf were discussed that included lawn and landscape, pet turf, playground safety surfaces, putting greens, tee lines for driving ranges, bocce courts, tennis courts, croquet courts, multipurpose fields, agility areas, fitness facilities, arenas, baseball, batting cages, commercial, and residential applications.  The benefits discussed were the low maintenance aspects, durability, aesthetics, drainage, fall height ratings, ADA and ABA accessibility, increased time of use, and many more .  During this seminar, the Synthetic Turf Council also covered the environmental benefits of synthetic turf and the newly published landscape quality guidelines.  These landscape quality quideline, titled Guidelines: Considerations When Buying Synthetic Grass for Landscape Use, were created to help buyers of landscape synthetic grass choose from a wide range of products available in the marketplace, some of which are of uncertain quality and durability.

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