The Holiday Season is Here and Why Pet Boarding and SoftLawn® from Synthetic Turf International Should Go Hand in Hand

It is the time of year where many people are traveling to see family, friends, and loved ones all across the country.  Many of these families have to leave their furry extension of the family in a boarding facility while they are away.  While many of you may miss your “other child” while you are away, you can generally rest assured that they are in good hands at the majority of the current boarding facilities.  Most of these facilities do everything they can to make sure they offer all of the best amenities and comforts that are offered at home.  With some of the facilities that seem to be an all inclusive resort catered to the furry four legged variety, many of these facilities can surpass the pampered lifestyle these pets already receive at home.

Many of the top facilities feature synthetic turf play areas for their K9 visitors.  That is why pet boarding and SoftLawn from Synthetic Turf International should go hand in hand.  When pet boarding and SoftLawn are paired together, you receive a much happier, cleaner, and safer pet.  Not to mention, it takes a lot of stress off of the staff taking care of your pet.  There is no chance for them to dig or roll around in the dirt.  The fear of harmful chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides on the grass of the play area are a thing of the past.  You can enjoy your vacation and feel comfortable knowing your pet is enjoying it too.  That is why we say pet boarding and SoftLawn go hand in hand.

You can learn more about SoftLawn® Pet Turf applications by contacting us, or you can also visit our application and gallery pages to see more benefits and examples.

Synthetic Turf International Pet Boarding SoftLawn Pet Turf Synthetic Turf International Pet Boarding SoftLawn Pet Turf


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