This week’s featured install comes to us from Synthetic Turf International of Canada in Kelowna, British Columbia. The install features STI product NP55 and SoftLawn® Bermuda Blend.  The client requested a backyard putting green that makes for an incredible view overlooking the city and lake.

Featured Install | STI Canada

Often homeowners choose to use synthetic turf in their home for various reasons. More often than not the following are at the top of the list:


  1. Turf Is Low Maintenance

Homeowners are busier than ever with work and family, so they seldom have the available time it takes to care for and maintain a natural lawn. With synthetic grass, they cut their maintenance time to minutes instead of hours.  Not to mention, they  have an aesthetically pleasing lawn year-round.


  1. Synthetic Turf Saves Water

Without a natural lawn to water, you will not have to worry about a sprinkler system and pumping gallons upon gallons of water into your lawn to keep it looking presentable.


  1. Pesticides

While we cannot say that turf would completely eradicate the pests in your yard, they would no longer have a natural grass home to build upon and be able to damage the sensitive natural grass. Synthetic turf reduces the need for treatment and reduces your family’s exposure to harmful pesticides and chemicals.


  1. Improve your Golf Game

One of the most popular reasons customers choose synthetic turf is because they want to improve their golf game and have a family friendly activity always available.


For the fringe, the client chose STI’s SoftLawn® Bermuda Blend. The Bermuda Blend is one of our newer products and is a signature playground product. Bermuda Blend comes standard with a thatch layer for added body, therefore reducing the amount of infill required. The two-color blend of this surface provides an authentic look and feel that resembles a natural lawn. This product can also be used for landscapes and pet facilities.


Synthetic Turf International designs products with specific applications in mind, especially our putting and golf surfaces. For this putting green, the customer chose STI’s NP55. NP55 is the upgraded multi-color option of the NP50. It still maintains the natural ball roll and realistic speeds that the NP50 has always been famous for in the golf industry, but the new two-color texturized nylon yarn combination of STI’s NP55 surface offers a natural look and performance that cannot be found anywhere else.


STI’s NP55 still features the coveted dense, non-directional cross-stitched construction that is unmatched by any other product. This particular turf performs best with the high-end ceramic infill offered by Synthetic Turf International, but this product can also be used without infill, which makes it an ideal indoor/portable putting surface.


When will it be time for you to Experience A Greener World and a better golf game?

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