In San Antonio, Texas, Synthetic Turf International’s™ dealer Park Place Recreation Design installed a play area. This was for the Early Childhood Education program at Boone Elementary. This design includes 30’ x 30’ turfed area that includes a maroon turf inlay tike track, a shade, and two play sets. The tike track is for tricycles and other small things. The play sets can accommodate toddlers age three months to three years.

What is a good Playground Product?

The product used for this project was EZ Play™ which is our playground turf. This turf is targeted for playgrounds because of the many safety features it offers like our ChargeGuard™. ChargeGuard™ is built into the structure of the product and not a coating that is added. This means that it will last as long as the turf does. It is an electro conductive yarn fiber that helps reduce static in the turf by 200%, and it has grounding properties. This is great for this particular project because a lot of these toddlers will be crawling around on the turf. This will help not create static from the friction of them crawling.

Does Turf Have Safty Features?

Other safety features that were used with the install was our playground pad. Playground pad helps give an added layer of safety to the surface with shock absorption. The pad can be used to create fall zones so that the children are less likely to get hurt. This is especially important with toddlers since they are still learning to walk and will fall quite a bit. The last safety feature that was added was the shade structure. It keeps the area cool, and keeps the sun off of the kid’s skin. Children’s, and especially babies’, skin is much more sensitive than an adult’s, and this means that you have to protect it more. Adding the shade helps keep their skin out of the sun so they are less likely to burn in the sun. This makes the structure more friendly year-round, especially in the Texas heat.

This has helped impact the community by other schools wanting them to install similar areas for them. They have seen how this is a great thing to have for the younger students so that they have an area just for them. Being able to have equipment that is appropriate for their age is important for their development, and they now have that. Showing that synthetic turf is a safer option is helping the community have that for more of them.


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